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History of the Joan of Arc
The Joan of Arc was partially constructed from lumber and other
fixtures that were salvaged from a steamship with the same name
after it drifted off course during bad weather and ran aground in
Port Orford in 1920.

The Joan of Arc steamship was built by Rolph ship builders of San
Francisco in 1918 and was used for hauling lumber and supplies from
Portland to Los Angeles.

The three mast steamer drifted off course in heavy fog and ran into
Northwest Rock in November of 1920.

The Joan of Arc began taking on water and then drifted northward
until it ran aground near Battle Rock in Port Orford.

The ship's lumber and other items were salvaged and used in several
local buildings, including The Joan of Arc, which was built in 1921 by
the Forty family in an area of town known as "Fortyville".

George Robert Forty came to Port Orford with his family in 1877.

He married Myrtle Selena Joan McGill, whose family came here in
1896.  They lived in the home until the mid 1980's and raised two
daughters, Shirley and Dorris.

The Joan of Arc has had three owners since the Forty's. It was used
as a restaurant for a short time in the 1980's.  The home gained its
third owner in 1986 who operated it as a Bed and Breakfast.

Dr. Grace purchased the property in 2002 and developed it as a vacation rental property until January 2016. She continues to offer the main Home for Intimate Weddings, Historic Tours, Small Seminars, Retreats and Select Events.
"A Step Back In Time"
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Port Orford, Oregon
"A Step Back In Time"
The Forty Family
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